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What is Pilates?

Restore your balance, reveal your potential, return to life!

Pilates is a whole body approach to exercise, aimed at re-educating the movement skills needed to gain flexibility, strength and efficiency when moving. Modern day Pilates takes a more functional, step-by-step approach to the classical exercises created by Joseph Pilates more than 75 years ago. Scientific research now proves that Pilates is a powerful strengthening and rehabilitative exercise method. As a result, Pilates has seen a resurgence in popularity over recent years and has continued to evolve.

Your instructor is a physiotherapist and therefore has an extensive knowledge in injury rehabilitation and prevention. If you are rehabilitating from an acute injury, ACC may cover some of your treatment costs.

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Why choose us?

The Physiotherapists at Physiotherapy + Pilates Evolved have developed an excellent reputation with regard to the effectiveness and quality of their Pilates teaching for the following reasons:

  • Step-by-step approach: Exercises are broken down to teach good movement patterns and build up the strength and flexibility needed to perform the more advance classical Pilates exercises. We pride ourselves on such a safe and progressive approach. 
  • Continuous assessment: Before starting you will be asked to complete an initial assessment enabling a full postural assessment paying attention to specific injuries, movement problems or imbalances. 
  • Class size: Our class sizes are limited, so that you always receive individual attention and supervision. 
  • Physiotherapy expertise: Learning Pilates from a Physiotherapist gives you the advantage of working with a movement specialist trained to observe human movement in such detailed form as to provide you with constant analysis and feedback to improve your technique.