The first appointment usually takes 60 minutes and includes:

• Assessment: We use the verbal medical assessment to establish what you are suffering from. We place a great importance on understanding your medical history as often things you may not realise are significant can have a bearing on making a correct diagnosis.

• Examination: We give a thorough examination in order to identify the root cause of your problem. Sometimes there are problems of which the patient is unaware that come to light ensuring treatment is more effective. Your diagnosis will be explained in a way that you will understand.

• Advice & Exercises: Your physiotherapist will probably give you some advice and exercises to do between sessions to help optimise your rehabilitation.

• Questions Answered: You will have plenty of time to ask questions and it is usually possible to start your treatment during your first appointment.

• Lifestyle & Prevention: We take into account your lifestyle and give practical advice on how to prevent the injury happening again.