Our philosophy is one of total commitment to our clients

At Physiotherapy and Pilates Evolved in Ferrymead, Christchurch, we use the combined benefits of advanced Physiotherapy and clinical rehabilitative Pilates to treat specific and non specific pain caused by a myriad of conditions.

We treat the body as an interconnected whole, to understand how different muscle groups, nerves, joints, bones and tissues interact to present a multitude of both common and complex conditions. This clinically holistic approach to physiotherapy is essential to avoid misdiagnosis. Many injuries and illnesses are wrongly diagnosed on account of ‘referred pain' whereby the location of the problem is ‘referring' or redirecting pain to a different area of the body. For this, and for reasons of optimised recovery, a holistic understanding of the body ensures both accurate diagnosis and the most advanced rehabilitation treatments. 

We help you by diagnosing and treating the cause of your aches and pains, and empower you through education so you can maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.
This encompasses: 

  • Thorough diagnosis by an internationally trained and chartered physiotherapist;
  • Quality care with customised, detailed treatment and rehabilitation plans;
  • Hands-on massage therapy and physiotherapy;
  • Client empowerment through a combination of clinical pilates equipment and practical rehabilitation education.

Specialised physiotherapy practice

We typically specialise in the difficult cases where clients need musculoskeletal rehabilitation (involving both muscles and bones) to aid recovery to full functional capacity. We also treat a growing number of patients who have had little, or no success, with conventional physiotherapy, massage or chiropractic therapy. As a result these patients have been referred to us by specialists, doctors, osteopaths and other patients we have treated from all over Christchurch. ACC referrals are accepted.

We also have a special interest in helping pregnant woman to maintain optimal health and well-being with hands-on treatment and pregnancy Pilates classes. For more information follow this link - Pregnancy and Postnatal Care


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Physiotherapy & Pilates Evolved, 

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